Become a Member: general conditions

Since 2000, the ALCO represents the professional interests of Luxembourg Compliance Officers.

Consequently, only individuals can be members (not legal entities).

Memberships are personal, not transferable, and solely the member:

  • has access to the "extranet" (part of the website whose access is limited (by a personal password) to members),
  • has the right and the duty to update his/her personal data and is accountable for the accuracy of his/her personal data,
  • is in charge of paying timely his/her membership fee (reminders are sent personally to the member).

A change in employer does not terminate the membership of the individual member: he/she retains his/her membership (as long as it has been paid) and must update his/her details. Similarly, an unpaid membership fee remains due by the individual member regardless if he/she has changed employer.

Should a member forget his/her login or password, he/she is invited to send an email to

The association has 3 types of members:

  • Active members are those who have a regular compliance officer function in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, participate in the activities of the association, pay a fee and have the right to vote.
  • Associate members are those who do not have the status of Active member and participate in the activities of the association and pay a membership fee but do not have voting rights.
  • Honorary members are the founding members, former directors and advisers of the ALCO, the personalities who use or have put their fame to promote the association; they pay no fees or do not have voting rights.

The membership fee costs €110 per year. Membership is subject to the approbation of the Board of Directors and the payment of the membership fee.

Membership gives access to the ALCO activities and events, to the members' section of our website and to discounts on certain external events or training.

In the members' section, you may update your personal contact data and change your password. You have also access to our recent newsletter and to documents published by the association.

You may submit your membership application by filling out the form below:


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